In April 1995, Brethren Believers Assembly Kuwait (B.B.A.K) started, after earnest prayer of many believers who expressed their views to start a new Assembly. The main intention was to grow spiritually and extend the outreach ministry to different parts of Kuwait.

Initially the gatherings were in homes; later the Lord provided a basement hall for church meetings. Gradually we could move to the NECK facility.

Currently BBAK has worships service on Sunday evening (South Tent, NECK), Sunday School (Hall of Hope, NECK) and Friday meeting (Activity Hall, NECK). Regular prayer meetings and special cottage meetings are also held during the week in various homes of the members.
Since the beginning of Brethren Believers Assembly Kuwait, many families left Kuwait for U.S.A., Canada and also for India for their permanent residence.
At present BBAK has strength of over 130 members participating in the Lords Table. The spiritual activities are being conducted regularly.