In the early period of 1960, a few believers from different parts of Kerala got the opportunity to come to Kuwait for employment following the discovery of oil.

By the Grace of God on 14th August 1960, the first Brethren worship service with the Lord’s Table took place in the house of one of the brothers. This worship service and other meetings continued in various homes of believers. Initially there were only ten members including a few sisters. Many new believers started arriving from Kerala and also from Arab countries. As the number of believers increased, an apartment was rented for worship meetings at a place called Quibla in the heart of the Kuwait City. Since the number increased, the Indian believers and Arab believers agreed to gather separately sharing the same apartment on different days and times for more convenience.

In the year 1969, by the Grace of God, the Brethren Assembly obtained a worship place at the compound of National Evangelical Church of Kuwait (NECK) with the recommendations of Kuwait Town Malayalee Christian Congregation (KTMCC).
NECK has several gathering places with all essential facilities in the Church compound and over 60 different Christian congregations from various countries are gathering in these places on all days of the week.

Members of Brethren Assembly increased considerably and started worship services at five places in different locations in Kuwait. They were Quibla Brethren Assembly, Brethren Assembly (Sharq) Kuwait, Brethren Assembly Kuwait, Fahaheel Brethren Assembly and the Konkani Brethren Assembly.
Many Evangelists visited Kuwait and preached the word of God regularly. Evangelists V.T. Mathai, K.G. Kurian, Y. Ezekiel, V.P. Jacob, M.M. Zachariah, John Kurian, Varghese Kurian, Chandappilla Philip, P.S.Thanmpan, Bros. A. J. Rowberry, Michael Brown and Charles Wigg and several others visited Kuwait on various occasions. During their visits members of all five Brethren Assemblies used to gather together to listen to the word of God and enjoyed sweet fellowship.

One of the main problems faced by the churches at that time was the non-availability of a proper place for baptism. Believers were baptized in the sea, in the early morning hours of the day. Later a large plastic baptism tub (tank) was provided at Quibla hall for baptism. In 1995, the Church authorities (NECK) constructed a permanent baptism pool in the church compound and it is now being used for baptism service by most of the congregations.

Almost all spiritual activities were paralyzed when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq in 1990. It was a terrifying experience but it pleased the heavenly father to take all the believers and their families to their homes in India safely. After the liberation, believers began to return to Kuwait and Brethren Church activities including worship service were started in June 1991 at the NECK. As more believers started arriving in Kuwait, the strength increased considerably and many believers felt it necessary to have a separate Assembly for spiritual growth.